Big Screen Bringing Sci-Fi Series ‘Singularity Principle’ to the Small Screen

A fascinating science fiction series set around the mystery of parallel universes is being developed by Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC: BSEG).

“Singularity Principle” is adapted from the 2013 thriller movie of the same name, which was successfully distributed by BSEG.

The movie is performing especially well on the company’s streaming service, Big Stream, and that success has prompted the small screen adaptation.

Big Screen hopes to tap into audience demand for such intelligent and entertaining content demonstrated by similar shows like Quantum Leap, Fringe, The OA, The Time Tunnel and Sliders.

BSEG’s content development team is working on the new TV series with the duo behind the movie, physicist Dr. Robert Deranian and filmmaker Austin Robert Hines.

“The film gave us the chance to explore some fascinating physics, but we were barely scratching the surface,” said Hines. “The series will give us the ability to dive deeper into the often unexplainable yet undeniable realities of the quantum world.”

Dr Deranian added, “We are excited to explore such questions as how AI will impact humanity – will it help us, change us, or even destroy us? The series will be perplexing, exciting and a whole lot of fun.”

The God particle and other up to the minute scientific discoveries will also feature in the show which, as with the independent film, focuses on a scientist’s secret experiment that opens a portal between parallel universes, attracting the sinister attention of a clandestine agency.

BSEG Chief Executive Kimberley Kates said: “This is a project which combines compelling physics with edge of the seat action. There is a big audience out there for science-based quality thrillers and we’re excited to be serving up something very special – tangible magic.”

The cast of the original “Singularity Principle” included William B. Davis, best known for playing Cigarette Smoking Man in “The X-Files,” and John Diehl, whose credits include “Jurassic Park 3,” “Nixon,” and “Con Air.” The movie was filmed at the giant lab, Canadian Light Source, one of the most important particle accelerators in the world. Casting and location details for the series soon to been announced.

About Big Screen Entertainment (BSEG)

Big Screen Entertainment Group is a well-established distribution and production company based in Los Angeles which turned 16-years old this year. Built on a love for storytelling, the Company has grown to specialize in production, post-production, and distribution in the US and internationally. It continues to grow and evolve into new commercial models in an ever-changing media world. BSEG now offers its own streaming channel with over 200 titles, Big Stream Entertainment (

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