Big Screen Entertainment Flying High on Buzz for Female Pilot Script

Avenger Field, a TV drama series about America’s brave women pilots in World War II, is preparing for take-off, powered by rave reviews for the project created by Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC: BSEG).

Hollywood’s leading script coverage service, WeScreenplay, called the pilot episode “near to perfection,” placing it in the top one percent of works submitted to the company.

Their stellar report recommended Avenger Field as a “captivating, tense and powerful series…that will not only sell but has the potential to inspire a new generation of women.”

That description is typical of growing buzz in the industry for Avenger Field, which is among multiple IPs that the Big Screen team has been developing during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Based on American military files, only declassified in the last decade, this thrilling series follows the fearless women who served at Avenger Field, a top-secret base in Texas for female pilots, exploring their lives both up in the air, and when they come down to Earth.

The WASPs (Women’s Airforce Service Pilots) were farm girls who learned to fly crop dusters as teens, heiresses with a passion for flying and stunt pilots who were experienced daredevils. They were all united by love of flight and love of country and supported by friends in high places, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Walt Disney.

In this era of #TimesUp, #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, Avenger Field reaches back into history to show these women’s battle for female empowerment, equality and inclusion, all while flying to save their country from the threat of the Axis powers.

Created by Big Screen’s Kimberley Kates, Sandro Monetti and award-winning Director, Catherine Taylor and further developed with help from the company’s in-house writing team, the series is soon to be shopped to networks and streamers as Los Angeles-based BSEG looks to partner on this flight into history, adventure and drama.

About Big Screen Entertainment (BSEG)

Big Screen Entertainment Group is a well-established distribution and production company based in Los Angeles which turned 15-years old this year. The Company has grown to specialize in production, post-production, and distribution in the US, Internationally and China. It continues to grow and evolve into new commercial models in an ever-changing media world.

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