Big Stream Entertainment

Big Stream Entertainment is a streaming platform that delivers Big Stream Entertainment Group (Stock: BSEG), partner, and affiliate content. We currently have a Roku Channel by the name of Big Stream Entertainment (BSE for this article) that is in beta mode. Over the coming months and through next year we will be continually adding content to the BSE platform.

Development is underway and releasing soon will be a desktop web portal that will mirror the content that is currently distributed on the BSE Roku channel. Shortly afterwards we look to develop an app that will also mirror the Roku channel, and desktop portal in functionality.

We hope that we can deliver content of all genres that will entertain and inform many people. It is our hope to continually grow this online library and in time with feedback from our viewers we can deliver more, and better quality streaming and entertainment services over time.

Thank you all for your support, we will have more information forthcoming as more is rolled out.

Streaming Portal BSE


BSEG has developed a new beta streaming application available for the public to start watching BSEG and affiliates media. Go to

BSEG Film Fund


Film funding has been secured to develop 3-5 intellectual properties per year for theatrical, streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more outlets. Read more about the BSEG Content Development Team

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