Gangster’s girlfriend hangs out in a Las Vegas hotel with her cop protectors while she waits to testify.Just as the singing star Bobbie Warren (Pia Zadora) finishes her act, she is clapped into handcuffs by police lieutenant Thurston (Telly Savalas) and jailed in a woman’s prison until she tells them about her mobster boyfriend. Eventually, she gets out, but not unscathed — she was raped while in prison — and when she is back in Vegas, her life is in danger from the mob and a few hitmen…


Matt Cimber


Pia Zadora – Desi Arnaz Jr. – Telly Savalas – G. Wesley Stevens – Larry Storch

Misc. Info

Genre: Crime – Thriller – Action – Comedy – Romance

Runtime: 96 minutes

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